Looking for quality interns?

 - Interested in having talented interns in your company?

- Would you like to try out young collaborators before making a formal hire?

 Pro Meritum is a non-profit internship program that operates in most major cities in Mexico. We find and recruit the most talented, eager-to-work university students according to the specific needs of small, medium and large companies, and provide them with valuable internship opportunities. 

 We have an alliance with ANZMEX and provide interns from all undergraduate programs to a variety of companies, including Pepsico, the American Chamber of Commerce, Aeroméxico, Fuji Film and many others.  

 We provide full management of interns under a scheme that is 100% tax-deductible. This means that companies obtain interns... at no additional corporate expense.

 To find out more, visit us at www.promeritum.org.mx, write to exito@promeritum.org.mx or call (55) 5616 4684.