ANZMEX Consejo Directivo 2018

Among this good news, we welcome Donald Smallwood as new President of ANZMEX and thank Adrienne Bonwick for her valuable support, experience and great performance as President of ANZMEX 2012 -2018.

The Consejo Directivo is elected by the membership at our annual assembly.  ANZMEX’s bylaws defines our Consejo Directivo as the following positions and grants them relevant authority and responsibility for the administration of ANZMEX ORG, A.C. (our legal name):

Donald Smallwood - President

Kate Brown de Vejar - Vice President - Membership

Tim Callahan - BHP - Treasurer

Alexander Braune - KPMG - Events

Raul Sanchez - Fisher &Paykel Healthcare - Regional & Manufacturing Sector

Hector Miranda - Orica - Government Relations (& Mining)

Jorge Sanchez - Haynes Boone - Mining

Jael Duran - Director

In addition to our Executive Board, ANZMEX has the support of a commited and active group of members who make up our Consejo Consultativo.  This group meets on a quarterly basis to develop sector specific activities and to ensure that the Consejo Directivo have a broad perspective of members' requirements.