CEI Consultores - Closing the Fiscal Year 2014

Salón de Capacitación CEI

Insurgentes Sur 1070, Piso 9. 03100, México, D.F.

Payment methods

Transfer or Deposit

Bank: HSBC Mexico
Account: 4050167220
Clabe: 021180040501672207

Please send your payment receipt to Lucia Lopez

Credit cards & online payment

Cost for members 1400 MX

Cost for non members 1500 MX

Through CEI Consultores, ANZMEX is pleased to invite all its members to the course:


"Closing the Fiscal Year 2014 Before the Changes in the Fiscal Regime"


Addressed to directors, accountants, administrators and executives, as well as to people interested in updating in fiscal matter in educational institutions constituted as civil associations.


The participant will get to know the provisions established by the Law On Income Tax in force since January 1 2014, as well as other fiscal provisions that have an impact on educational institutions.


Electronic accountability

Determination of the fiscal profit or loss

Proffit coefficient

Payment of the remainder to partners


For registration please send an email to Lucía López.