Freixenet & ANZMEX - VIP Wine Trip 2014

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet

Carretera San Juan del Río - Cadereyta Km. 40.5, Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro.

Payment methods

Deposit or transfer

Bank: HSBC Mexico
Account: 4050167220
Clabe: 021180040501672207

Credit cards & online payment

Cost for members $500 - $1,000 with transport, children $300 - $750 with transport MX

Cost for non members $700 - $1,200 with transport MX

 Come and join ANZMEX members, friends and families for a relaxing and enjoyable one-day Wine Trip to Freixenet's vineyards in Querétaro.

Attendees will have the opportunity to visit Freixenet's facilities and its unique wine cellar under the guidance of Freixenet´s sommelier, who will reveal the marvellous process through which wine is created. 
The tour includes:
A brief exposition of Freixenet's history.
A walk through Freixenet's plant where attendees will get to know the complete "Champenoise method", from the extraction of the liquid after harvest to the final process of bottling and labelling.
Tasting of different varieties of wine with Freixenet´s sommelier.
Private four-course lunch at the Mirador salon.
A playground area and a special menu for kids

Please find attached Freixenet's wine list
Discounts are available on boxes of the same product (6 or 12 bottles, depending on the label), 5% with credit card payments and 10% with cash payments.

Attendees count on the following options: arranging their own transportation, sharing a car with another attendee or paying the transportation fee.

*We will arrange transport if a minimum of 10 people are interested.
If you wish to attend or need further information please contact Lucia Lopez.