The first Australia & New Zealand Film Festival in México!

The first edition of the Hola AUNZ Film Festival, to take place from November the 28th to December the 6th 2013, is a cinematographic celebration that will bring the best contemporary films of Australia and New Zealand.

Our festival is part of two other festivals: the Hola Mexico Film Festival (Australia) which will be having its 8th edition this October and the Hola Mexico Fest whose 5th edition took place in Los Angeles (United States) in May. These festivals have received over 25,000 attendees, therefore becoming a platform of paramount importance for Mexican Films in those two markets.

The main goal behind The Hola AUNZ Film Festival is to create new links while strengthening those that exist between the film industries of Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. The aforementioned goal is achieved by offering a unique joint platform that promotes the exchange of ideas and the emergence of international creative projects. Additionally, the festival promotes the development of a competitive economy by encouraging coproduction, raising market awareness and generating audience growth.

The festival will screen 19 films (long and short films). Alongside the festival other related activities will take place. Amongst these some will be film industry related, while others will be focused on students, media and the general public. The Hola AUNZ Film Festival will be screened in four different venues: Cineteca NacionalCinépolis UniversidadCine Tonalá and Casa del Cine. Attendance to these events is calculated at around 3,500 people.

Please click here to visit the official website and see the full program.