Innovation Match MX

Expo Guadalajara, 
Av. Mariano Otero 1499,
Verde Valle, 44550
Guadalajara, Jal.

ANZMEX Business Council, together with INNOVATION MATCH A.C., is pleased to invite members to participate in the First International Forum of Mexican Talent: “Innovation Match MX” (IMMX).

Among the organizers of this forum, the valuable support of the Senate of the Republic and the Network of Mexican Talents are distinguished, as well as the various agencies and organizations such as: the Secretariat of Economy, Centro Kappa de Conocimiento S.C. and the National Network of state Councils and Agencies of Science and Technology (REDNACECYT).

One of the main objectives of this forum is that researchers and postgraduate students worldwide, present and expose their work in the scientific, technological and creative industries areas, for purposes of linking with mexican companies interested on promoting the generation of new business opportunities in the national productive sector, propitiate opportunities for labor incorporation, stimulate the creation of new technology-based companies, arrange research projects linked to mexican companies and prestigious institutions around the world and formulate public policy proposals.

Furthermore, Innovation Match Mx announces a new objective for the forum: the constitution of an Initial Support Fund for projects that emerge from the links made in IMMX, which means that investigators and companies linked during the Match Process will be able to participate with their proposals to be candidates to receive the support of the constituted fund.

INNOVATION MATCH MX seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy for the constitution of synergies and the creation of value among global mexican talent and companies, in order to strengthen and contribute to the national innovation ecosystem, in such a way that companies can take advantage of border knowledge and cutting-edge technology. In this context being you a prominent mexican talent, we reiterate our proposal for you to participate within the exhibitions that will have place in this vast event and take advantage of the many benefits that this meeting represents.


For more information, or to register your place, please visit:

If you plan to attend, please speak with Lucia Coman to engage all attendees.