JANUS - Australian Sculpture Inauguration Cocktail


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 The Janus Sculpture was donated by Australia to Mexico in 1968 as part of the "Ruta de la Amistad". It has been relocated and will be inaugurated with an incomparable light show and a VIP cocktail.

Through the Australian Embassy, we have become involved in supporting a unique initiative which we believe may be of interest to you.

In summary, the project involves the re-inauguration of the JANUS sculpture, which was donated by Australia to Mexico in 1968. Recently, as part of the "Ruta de Amistad" (Route of Friendship) the sculpture has been relocated in a prominent position in the south of the city, been restored and the surrounding area rejuvenated.  The sculptor was Clement Meadmore, a graduate of RMIT.  During the relocation they discovered a rare orchid which only grows in the south of Mexico City, which had previously thought to have been extinct.

The organisers are looking for support for the following activities:

 - Official launch event on February 20 2014 (private VIP event for 50 people, follow by public event for 150+)

  - Ongoing maintenance and care of the statue and surrounding area (including the rare orchid)

If you might be interested to support the JANUS project or would like to attend the cocktail, please contact Lucia Lopez for more details.