Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Cancun

On January 24th, The New Zealand Embassy will be hosting a reception at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Cancun to launch New Zealand. Leading media, chefs and buyers will be invited to attend the event and experience the best of New Zealand food and beverage. 

From January 15th to February 15th, 2013, the Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Cancun will be showcasing some of the best of New Zealand food and beverage as part of the menu at their restaurant, Tamarind. This special New Zealand menu has been created by Tamarind's head chef, Gregorio Oy Cahum.

Several New Zealand products will be featured as part of Chef Gregorio Oy Cahum's menu, including New Zealand venison and lamb from ANZCO Foods; Anchor butter from Fonterra; 42BELOW vodka from 42BELOW; pinot noir from Sileni Wine and sauvignon blanc from Villa Maria; and greenshell mussels from Sanford.

New Zealand has just the right conditions for producing exceptional food and beverage: the right climate to grow lush produce; enough space for animals to roam free and produce great-tasting meat and dairy; a trustworthy supply of seafood; a creative spirit for culinary innovation; and international experience required to understand export markets. 

As a result, New Zealand produces some of the best tasting dairy, meat, horticulture, seafood and wine the world has to offer. And, being one of only two countries internationally to export more than half of its total food production, New Zealand really understands how to satisfy quality, flavor and food safety requirements.

For more information please visit the event´s website here or contact Yulia Nuñez from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise.