Mexican didgeridoo and trumpet fesitival

Circuito Interior Esq. Juan Escutia,

06140 Mexico City,


ANZMEX is pleased to extend the invite to all members for the Mexican didgeridoo and trumpet fesitival.


The Mexican Trumpet Festival Didgeridoo and Maya will this year be held at the Multi Circuit Under Urban Forum in Mexico City.

Musicians dedicated to the Didgeridoo from different parts of Mexico will present concerts, workshops and lectures and conferences on the didgeridoo.

The didgeridoo, an Australian aboriginal instrument, goes back thousands of years to the clans of northern Australia and has been taught as an uninterrupted tradition for centuries.

Musicians from different countries, explore from a contemporary approach using the didgeridoo as a musical instrument in solo projects and also as part of groups with different instruments.

Today the didgeridoo is present in very many musical styles and gradually more open spaces in various cultural forums worldwide.


To see more on this event please see the website.