Offshore platforms, rigs, ships & boats - \\

Hotel Marquís Reforma

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ANZMEX, in collaboration with the British Chamber Mexico, the World Energy Council, the European Chambers and the National Association of Business Lawyers (ANADE), are delighted to invite you to the breakfast-conference:

"Offshore platforms, rigs, ship& boats
- "things that float" -
challenges to extract oil & gas from deep seas
in the Gulf of Mexico"

on Thursday, 23rd May at 7.45am




07.45: Registration 

08.15: Introduction/overview (Chris Sladen, BCC)

08.40: Finding oil and gas beneath deep seas; understanding what is there (PEMEX, CGG, Seadrill, Boa Marine, Schlumberger) 

09.30: Producing oil and gas from beneath deep seas; understanding the platforms and vessels needed (IMP, Mammoet, Shell , FMC, WEC)
10.20: Protecting assets in deep seas; understanding the offshore legal code and insurance options (PEMEX , AMMIS , GARD, Nuñez Abogados, Goodrich Riquelme, Ince & Co)

11.10: Closing remarks (Carlos Moran, ANZMEX)