Presentation- Instituto Mexicano de Desarrollo de Infraestructura (IMEXDI)

ANZMEX offices,
Río de la Plata 30, Col. Cuauhtémoc.

An IMEXDI meeting to be lead by Edmundo Gamas, the ANZMEX Finance and Infraestructure Sector Leader. 

The purpose of the meeting is to understand IMEXDI's proposed Fast Track Development Program for

Local Infrastructure initiative including the development of a relevant framework and toolkit.



Mexico’s state and municipal governments are frequently ineffective and inefficient in the conception,

planning, tendering, construction and operation of the infrastructure projects necessary to satisfy the demands

of their economy,and their population.



Integration of an Overarching Framework and Toolkit, allowing Mexico’s state and municipal governments 

to accelerate their infrastructure projects, reSolving legal, financial, human, technical an operational bottlenecks.