Second Modifications to the Fiscal Resolution 2014.

Centro de Capacitacion CEI Insurgentes Sur 1070, piso 9, Col.insurgentes San Borja, 01300 , Mexico, D.F.

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Through our member Consultores Estrategicos Integrados, ANZMEX is pleased to invite all its members to the event:


Main changes and additions to the RMF 2014

Accounting in electronic media 
  Delivery accounting electronically on a monthly basis 
  Tax Inbox 
  Review, reflections and considerations.



Presented by

Consultores Estrategicos Integrados (CEI)



The participant will learn the most important aspects contained in the Second Resolution for amendments to the Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution (RMF) for 2014, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on July 4, 2014.



For more information and registration, please contact Lucia Lopez