The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© 14th edition

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The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© 14th edition
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The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© 14th edition
Tuesday 25 June 2019  • Club de Industriales • 18:00 - 20:00 hrs

“Natural gas and electricity - in the eye of the storm: who wins and why?”

 • Panellists: 
María José Treviño - Country Manager, Acclaim Energy Mexico
Raúl González Mtz.  - Chief Commercial Officer, CFE Calificados
Cleantho Leite Filho - - Business Development & Energy Director, Braskem Idesa
Verónica Irastorza - Associate Director, NERA Economic Consulting

• Host: Rubén Cruz (KPGM & Head of ANZMEX Energy Group)
• Moderator: Alexander Braune (Acclaim Energy)

“Natural gas and electricity - in the eye of the storm:
who wins and why?”
Natural gas remains a low cost fuel in North America with prices largely in the US$ 2-3 MMBtu. Electricity produced from natural gas is consequently both relatively low cost, and has relatively low carbon emissions, compared to say using coal or crude oil, 65% of Mexico’s power plants are gas fired.
Mexico's natural gas demand and electricity are set to grow steadily. Gas supply is met by domestic production (a large part being tied to oil production) and foreign imports (mostly piped from the USA but also LNG).
Mexico is committed to natural gas but has largely given up exploring for gas. Vast shale gas resources remain untapped. Upstream bid rounds are suspended. With its ever growing reliance on natural gas imports, Mexico has given up its energy security.
Electricity tariffs have risen about 120% the past year and as auctions for new renewable energy projects developed by private investors are also now cancelled, the chance for ultra-low cost electricity sources has been lost. Because of the uncertainty, large industrial and commercial corporations have shown a tendency to engage in decision making processes around finding alternative electricity supply that gives them control of their energy budgets. 
The conditions seem set for turbulent times; yet Mexico, undisputedly, continues to be a force to be reckoned with. 50% of Mexico’s population are either Millennial’s or Generation “Z”, who demand constant interaction and engagement with the purchase of technology enabled goods, use of public or autonomous means of transportation and 24 hour social-media interaction; all derived from the guaranteed uninterrupted access to electricity.
Moderated by Alexander Braune of ANZMEX and ACCLAIM Energy Mexico; with your host Head of ANZMEX Energy Group, Rubén Cruz of KPMG, join our distinguished panellists for a guaranteed candid conversation and the ever-present question of: “Who wins and Why?”
What is the debate format?
Each debate contains recognized experts, some covering one position, some covering the other, and a moderator. The debate is traditionally held in English, but we will confirm this and the names of the panellists shortly. Each of the debaters makes an opening statement of no more than 5 minutes each. The debate then continues with questions from the audience and answers from the debaters. No question is longer than 20 seconds, no answer should be longer than 60 seconds. 

Chatham House rules apply. The debate will last 1 hour after which the moderator will organize a series of votes by a show of hands. Refreshments are available before, during & after the debate!
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Venue: Club de Industriales (Room TBC)
Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019
Time: 18:00 - 20:30 hrs
Price: $600 ANZMEX Members/ $800 Non Members (all prices in pesos)
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The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series © 14th edition - 25 June 2019

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