The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© - Changing the energy sector - “who wins & why?”

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The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series©

10th anniversary debate with special recognition of International Women’s Day and women in the energy sector, attendance for women is FREE.

March 8th, 2018 -  Club de Industriales

Changing the energy sector - “who wins & why?”


Claudia Rojas - RGP
Lucia Bustamante - Shell
Angélica Ruiz - Vestas
Anna Raptis  - Raptis Group

Chris Sladen - BP

Changing the energy sector - “who wins & why?” The energy security paradigm has been broken. External changes have forced change in Mexico’s energy landscape - ongoing NAFTA re-negotiations, implementation of the largest tax cuts in the USA in 30 years, re-shaping of the TPP, 3 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico’s largest earthquake in a century. There are new demands from new generations of Mexican consumers, pushing an energy transition towards low carbon economies; the last energy auction in Mexico delivered electricity prices that broke the global lower limit for solar and wind. And there will be more changes coming soon - a new President, Senate & Congress. Mexico’s energy independence continues to decrease as its production of oil and gas declines, offshore and onshore drilling activity wanes, while imports of refined products and natural gas increase; energy reforms clearly take time to impact its energy outlook. Many energy investments are on hold pending resolution of complex social impact and environment issues, and we are yet to see the start of exploitation of Mexico’s large unconventional (shale) resources. Many voices argue that change is needed in the energy sector, that Mexico needs more energy reform; another energy reform to make investment more simple, less complex and lower cost, deliver free-market prices and to improve investor protection. Others argue that further reform and changing the rules brings instability and adds uncertainty, and that energy investments already have enough uncertainties. Some believe that energy should be subsidized.

So, in the energy sector in coming years, who wins & why? Is change too slow? Does Mexico need to go back to the drawing board and start again? Who wins if there is more energy reform? Without reform, will investors drift away from Mexico believing there are better opportunities for their capital elsewhere in North and South America? Is Mexico really an easy place to invest? What does high inflation and peso depreciation mean for energy investors? The winners will no doubt be those that understand the games in play, so which games are in play? What are companies doing to successfully navigate the energy landscape? Which changes are coming? Which energy consumers are happy? Which ones are not? Who will write the next chapters in Mexico’s energy history?

What is the debate format? Each debate contains recognized experts, some covering one position, some covering the other, and a moderator. The debate is held in English. Each of the debaters makes an opening statement of no more than 5 minutes each. The debate then continues with questions from the audience and answers from the debaters. No question is longer than 20 seconds, no answer should be longer than 60 seconds. Chatham House rules apply. The debate will last 1 hour after which the moderator will organize a series of votes by a show of hands. Refreshments are available before, during & after the debate!
Did you know?
Energy & Commerce magazine recently quoted the ANZMEX ‘Who wins & why?’ energy debate series as having a cult following. Please come and be part of our cult!
Venue: Club de Industriales 
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ANZMEX Energy Debate March 2018

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