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The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series ©

“To bid or not to bid?"

June 30th, 2015*

The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series © is a different type of event in Mexico. It is designed to get to the heart of Mexico’s energy issues, where leading experts debate and defend their position, your questions get answered directly, topics get addressed frankly, and you get a chance to vote on what you think is the best solution for key energy challenges.

“To bid or not to bid?", that is the question for our next debate. Mexico is embarking on a massive transformation in its energy sector, seeking new investors and risk takers for new types of investment contracts. Competitive bidding for exploration and production contracts for oil & gas will begin very soon, as well as for contracts in other parts of the energy sector. These bids will involve a variety of different investors – both international and Mexican energy companies, supermajors, ‘independents’, small companies, public-listed companies, State-owned companies, and companies funded by private equity.  These bids will involve commitments to invest many billions of US$. So, who wins and why? What makes some companies bid, but others do not? Why do some companies bid together in partnerships, and some bid alone? What does success look like? 

Rafael Funes - LOVIS

Javier Estrada - PwC

Ivan Sandrea - Sierra Oil & Gas

Eduardo Núñez - Núñez Rodríguez Abogados

Special Guest:

Mark Thirlwell
Chief Economist - Australian Trade Commission


Chris Sladen - ANZMEX Business Council
We extend a special thanks to ANZMEX Member Lovis who is Sponsor of the Energy Debate.
 For registration and more information, please send an email to Lucia Coman.
Please note men will need to wear a jacket and tie for the event.


 * All cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the event will be charged.