Macquarie University International Graduate Internship Program

Macquarie University International Graduate Internship Program 


Macquarie University wishes to partner with institutions in Mexico and Latin America to offer International Graduate Internship placements to outstanding undergraduate and graduate candidates upon their return. 


The graduates from a wide range of disciplines will receive an exclusive invitation and follow a selection process through the Macquarie International Office to participate in the program, based on the following criteria: 

 •Academic Excellence 

•Impressive leadership skills and experience
•Bi and multi language proficiency
•Business and personal development skills
•Personable, Articulate and Innovative


Partnerships will be arranged on a best-fit basis, where the needs of the organisation and the candidate are carefully compared and matched. 


This invaluable experience will enable the graduates to gain significant real-world experience, developing their career opportunities in a professional and supportive environment and will be also of great benefit for partner companies working with motivated and talented graduates. Students would join the program for a 6 to 12 month period. 

If you are interested in hosting graduates in the project, please contact Héctor Martínez