Study in Australia Exhibition 2015

Centro Banamex

Lomas de Sotelo 11200

México, D.F.

Through our member Destino Australia, ANZMEX is pleased to invite all its members to the 2015 exhibition:


Study in Australia

The exhibition attracts over 1,000 prospective students, institutional representatives, scholarship and loan bodies, and companies who specialize in offering Australian products and services. This is a unique opportunity to be in direct contact with Australian universities, and to find the adequate opportunity for your educational interests.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Destino Australia is seeking a corporate sponsor for this annual event which will provide a valuable opportunity to promote travel packages and flights to Australia to a large group of students considering studying in Australia.


To learn more about the sponsorship opportunities offered by Destino Australia, please download the attached document below or contact Keri Ramírez.


* Please feel free to forward the attached flyer to anyone you know who might be interested in studying in Australia.