FUNED is a private non-profit organization that seeks to provide complementary financial aid and scholarships for Mexican students who wish to pursue master´s degree abroad in top ranked universities.

Funed is a current ANZMEX member; We collaborate together in a variety of subjects that include:

  • Promotion of Australian Education generally
  • Preferential Air fares for FUNED students going to Australia (together with our member Air Canada)
  • Finding sponsors for their events
  • Supporting their new program directed to students attending public universities in non-primary Mexican states.

Fundación Mexicana para la Educación, la Tecnología y la Ciencia (FUNED)

FUNED was established in 1993 by a group of Mexican entrepreneurs who believed higher education as a catalyst to promote Mexican economic and social development. During its 20 years of existence, FUNED has experienced an exponential growth. In 1994 FUNED started financing 3 students, by 2013 FUNED has financed around 2,910 students,

FUNED students choose top ranked universities all over the world, primarily in the USA (50%), UK (17%) and Spain (8%). FUNED encourages graduate programs that directly contribute to the Mexican GDP.

FUNED has earned solid credentials and has increased their net worth to 20 million dollars by expanding our donor base and by the undivided support of the Mexican Government through the partnership CONACYT (Mexican National Council of Science and Technology).

Together with CONACYT, FUNED grants 400 scholarships for students; CONACYT provides a monthly stipend of $715.00 USD, medical insurance for the full length of their program as well as up to $5,700.00 USD for tuition fees per year of study while FUNED grants complementary financial aid. The benefit of the program exceeds 13 million dollars per year.

Financial aid & scholarships

FUNED helps secure Mexican students in financing their master degrees granting $49,500.00 USD on average per student of which only 10,000 USD are low interest bearing loans of only 3.75% fixed annual interest rate.

In order to provide more benefits for students, joint agreements have been reached with various institutions in the US, UK, Spain and Australia among other countries, with universities and foundations that grant benefits or monetary allowance for Mexican students supported by FUNED.

It is mainly tuition waiver or discount on tuition fees that vary between10% to 100% depending on each case.

FUNED currently holds agreements with 55 universities. 

In order to provide greater resources to its programs, FUNED seeks strategic alliances with government, private sector, NGOs and universities.

For more information about FUNED, please contact Marimar García Noriega or visit FUNED’s website.

Below you will find the 2013 FUNED report.