BNamericas ELECTRIC POWER Intelligence Series 2016

The power sector’s performance is closely intertwined with economic growth. When the economy grows, so does demand for electricity. Conversely, the sector demands a long-term mindset from planners and investors, given the timescales required for project development and, more generally, the industry’s evolution.
Latin America had a rough year in 2015, in which political scandals, a stagnant economy or a combination of both bat- tered nearly every country. Most economic outlooks for 2016 predicted a marginal recovery, although with considerable variation from country to country. On the other hand, the renewable sector continues to grow and expand throughout the region. Many of the challenges which the industry faces extend beyond the current economic malaise, while reforms in Mexico, the region’s second largest power market, are presenting exciting new opportunities.

These themes and others are apparent in the BNamericas Electric Power Survey 2016, which offers a barometer of the Latin American power industry’s present attitudes and expectations for the new year.

A total of 94 people responded to the survey, which was carried out between late November and mid-January. Partici- pants included c-suite executives, project managers, engineers, researchers and analysts. A large share of respondents (42%) work for generation companies, followed by equipment and service providers (22%) and consultancies (21%). The countries of focus among respondents cover nearly every market in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, there was a notable concentration of expertise in Chile and Mexico - and, to a slightly lesser extent, in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.