México Cumbre de Negocios

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ANZMEX is pleased to extend the invitation to all members for the next

México Cumbre de Negocios 

What is the México Cumbre de Negocios 

Over the last 13 years, México Cumbre de Negocios has become the number one economic and business event in the region. It has expanded to cover not only the future of Mexico, but also the key strategic issues that affect the entire region. The creation of the Pacific Alliance and the progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement have highlighted how many crucial respects, with its peculiarities for each country, are in fact common challenges for Mexico and its partners in the region. Thus, México Cumbre de Negocios has been a unique strategic platform that covers these topics that combine regional and national perspectives.


Why the México Cumbre de Negocios 

Mexico is entering a new phase: The main structural reforms of the past two years, new factors such as the recovery of the United States or the manner in which the Pacific Alliance - and the prospects it opens - are making its impact felt, they are creating new opportunities for Mexico to become an increasingly greater regional and global player. Innovation - in all fields that it can be applied - and how it will be used to create new business opportunities and boost productivity, will be key to improving and strengthening the role of Mexico and promote the country's growth component.


Who participates in Mexico Business Summit

• Top-level business leaders, national and international
• Political leaders, government representatives and officials from Mexico and abroad
• Recognized international experts and scholars 
• Top media, civil society and NGO Leaders
• The next generation of leaders


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