PROMEXICO Article- Mexican Mining Industry / Information Technologies Industry

The future of mining in Mexico shines like gold. Aside from the country’s experience as a traditional miner, its abundance of mineral resources and the fact that this activity remains as an important source of national income, employment and development, Mexico is one of the main destinations in the globe for mining investment due to its macroeconomic stability, ideal business climate, world-class infrastructure, solid legal framework and highly-skilled human capital.

A promising future can also be envisioned for the Mexican information technologies (IT) industry, where in a short period of time and thanks largely to Mexico’s talented and enterprising human capital, the country has earned a leading spot worldwide. Moreover, the IT sector has benefited from Mexico’s geostrategic location, close to the largest market in the globe –the United States.

These sectors are only waiting to be tapped by foreign entrepreneurs. “Eureka!” is what investors will exclaim once they discover the golden opportunities that Mexico has to offer in the mining and IT industries; prospects that favor the establishment of any new productive project.

To see the full article see p. 71 in the February 2014 Negocios Magazine attached.