ANZMEX Energy Debates ©

The ANZMEX Energy Group © is pleased to announce their 2014 programme of events.  2014 will be a watershed year for the Mexican energy sector and this series of debates will create an informative and stimulating forum for members of ANZMEX, their guests and leading members of the energy sector.


“Shale gas vs. Liquified Natural Gas” – who wins and why? ©

“Tight oil onshore vs. Offshore deep water oil”  – who wins and why? ©

“Production sharing contracts vs. Concessions”  – who wins and why? ©

“Supermajors vs. Independents” – who wins and why? ©

“Solar, wind & biomass vs. Nuclear power”  – who wins and why? ©

“Sovereignty of reserves vs. Free markets” – who wins and why? ©

“National content vs. Global sourcing”  – who wins and why? ©


Dates will be announced as the year progresses.

Contact Chris Sladen or Carlos Moran to become involved as a sponsor, speaker or participant.


Copyright ANZMEX Energy Group