ANZMEX New Office

ANZMEX is pleased to advise, that we have the opportunity to rent a larger office within the British Chamber building from June 1st.  This will not only provide us with a better working space, it will also permit us to offer members some additional benefits, including:

- The use of a “hot desk”.  If you find yourself in the area and need somewhere to work for a few hours with phone, internet, printer etc you are very welcome to make use of our hot desk.
- The use of a meeting room.  We will be setting up the office with a meeting table suitable for 3 - 6 people.  In addition, we can book the main meeting room for larger groups.
- Temporary office for out of town members.  If you are visiting Mexico City, and need a base for a few days, we can set you up in an instant.

We have committed to this new office for a trial period of six months.  If we see that members value the extra facilities on offer, we will then extend the arrangement into 2017.

In order to furnish the office, we are asking members to consider if they have any furniture or office supplies you are able to donate or lend to us for this period.  Items we may be needing include:

Working / meeting table suitable for 6 - 8 people
Chairs for meeting table
Office chair
Office desk
Small side table for reception area
Large floor covering/carpet
Lap top or desk top computer
Framed photographs/posters (ideally of Australia/NZ or Mexico)
Filing cabinet and or storage boxes
Office plants

If you think you may have something and or would like to know more about the office, please contact us in the email: