ANZMEX President Transition process

Dear members

 As you are aware, I will be moving to the UK in early June this year.  At our recent meeting with the Consejo Directivo and Consejo Consultativo on May 9 we agreed the following plan to ensure a smooth transition:

1. I will remain as  President until the 2018 Assembly, which will be held early in the first quarter.  I will remain in contact via telephone and email as needed, and plan to visit in early November to participate in a range of ANZMEX events and say farewell to those members I’ve not been able to see in the past month.

2. Donald Smallwood, our Vice President, will represent me as needed at events, and will lead board meetings etc. in my absence.

3. Our current Consejo Directivo has all the necessary powers to continue to operate in my absence and have agreed to take strategic oversight of key areas of activities in order to support Jael Duran, our Director:

            Donald Smallwood - Vice President + Membership 

            Tim Callahan - Treasurer

            Diego Sosa - Events

            Hector Miranda - Government Relations

            Raul Sanchez - Regional Manufacturing Sector

            Jorge Sanchez - Mining Sector 

4. During October this year, we will invite candidates to nominate themselves for vacant positions on both the Consejo Directivo and the Consejo Consultativo.  Members will be invited to elect the new President and board members at the 2018 Assembly.  I am pleased to inform you that Tim Callahan, Country Manager of BHP Billiton, and our current Treasurer, has nominated himself for the position of President.   Given Tim’s track record of commitment to ANZMEX and his role of leader of one of Australia’s leading investors in Mexico, the Consejo Directivo and Consultativo are fully supportive of his candidacy.  Should someone else wish to nominate themselves for the position of President or any position on the board, we would definitely welcome their interest - and encourage all members to consider how they might get involved to support the continued development of ANZMEX.

I would like to thank all those members who have expressed their warm wishes to me, and thank you all for the confidence you have shown in the leadership of Jael our Director and the board. 

Kind regards

 Adrienne Bonwick