ANZMEX announces new board members plus information on current vacancies

Dear Members,

Every year we have some changes to our board membership, this year is no different. As we prepare for our annual assembly in February (when changes become effective) we have a few changes – and opportunities -  to announce.
Jose Carlos Villegas, who has been our Treasurer since the beginning of ANZMEX in 2010 will step aside at the next assembly.  We would like to take the opportunity to thank Jose Carlos for his contribution in setting up ANZMEX from a financial perspective, overseeing our accounts and assuring our membership that all is in order.  Jose Carlos is stepping aside for the best possible reason – he has too many clients!
The position of Treasurer will be come vacant at the next assembly and we welcome candidates who may be interested in the position.  Although qualifications as an accountant would be ideal, as we now have our in-house accounting system and a contracted accounting supervisor, the role of Treasurer could be fulfilled quite adequately by someone with a good understanding of financial reports. Please contact Adrienne Bonwick or Donald Smallwood if you believe you may be able to make a contribution as Treasurer.
Energy Sector
Chris Sladen has been our Energy sector leader for the past three years and, as many of you know, has developed the highly successful series of ANZMEX Energy Debates (don’t miss #6 on January 14th).  Chris will step aside as board member and sector leader, but will continue to coordinate the Debate Series. We would like to welcome Greg Pitt of Worley Parsons as leader of the Energy Sector. We look forward to the new perspectives Greg will bring to the role.   
Corporate Social Responsibility
We would like to welcome Manolo Ruiz of Sustena and Fundacion HEEL as a new board member in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our aim in elevating this role to a board position is to integrate CSR perspectives across ANZMEX strategies, events and opportunities. You may have noticed a new menu option on our website – over the coming months Manolo will be guiding the population of these pages with relevant resources for members.
Sector Leaders & Deputies
Listed below are our business sectors and the relevant leaders.   The board has agreed to seek members interested to step into the role of Deputy Sector Leaders. The idea is to expand our perspectives, engage more actively with members, and to prepare for possible succession.  The Sector Leader Role (attached below) outlines the general expectations for the Sector Leader and Deputy positions.
Sector Leader: Jose Luis Meza 
Deputy: Javier Galindo
Corporate Social Responsibility
Sector Leader: Manolo Ruiz
Deputy: ?
Education & Culture
Sector Leader: Ernesto Galindo
Deputy: ?
Sector Leader: Chris Sladen handing over to Greg Pitt
Deputy - Alexander Braune
Finance & Infrastructure
Sector Leader: Edmundo Gamas
Deputy: ?

International Trade
Sector Leader: Javier Mata
Deputy: Donald Smallwood
Sector Leader: Jorge Sanchez
Deputy: ?
If you would like to discuss the possibility of being a deputy sector leader, please contact the Sector Leader directly or Adrienne Bonwick.