Adrienne Bonwick, President of ANZMEX, visits Australia to promote business opportunities on behalf of ANZMEX


Adrienne Bonwick will be travelling to Australia in late May on behalf of ANZMEX to participate in various events to promote business opportunities between Mexico and Australia.   If you will be in Sydney or Melbourne at this time, we'd love to include you in the relevant events. 


28 May 6pm - 7pm - Sydney

            - Mexico-Australia Business Opportunities Reception jointly sponsored by ANZMEX, Austrade and the NSW Government

            - approximately 30 attendees planned including:

                        - Ambassadors Tim George and Beatriz Lopez Gargallo 

                        - members of the Mexico mining delegation attending the LADU 

                        - ANZMEX  members and prospects

                        - NSW Government and key business contacts


29 & 30 May - Sydney

            - Latin America DownUnder Mining Conference

            - Adrienne and Victor Perton to network with attendees, presenters etc.

            - see current programme and registration details attached (link to event details)

            - Air Canada is offering special rates for attendees at this conference


3 June 5 - 7pm - Melbourne

            - ANZMEX & Austrade Boardroom Briefing - presented by Victor Perton, Adrienne and Radek Divis

            - ANZMEX members & prospects

            - Victoria government contacts

            - key contacts business in Melbourne


This trip has been made possible through the generous support of Air Canada - we thank them for their ongoing contribution to the success of ANZMEX