Art + Charity: Mobile Exhibitions

ANZMEX will host an art exhibition in our offices and will promote the work to our visitors and members with the objective of raising awareness of Charity Coalition and their work - and hopefully make some sales of the art works.  Any sales will be in the form of a donation to Charity Coalition (tax deductible receipts can be provided) and proceeds will be shared 50/50 between Charity Coalition.

The pilot programme will use the work of Miriam Libhaber (   Her work is focussed on iconic buildings in Mexico City and as such may be of particular interest to companies who have their offices in these very buildings.  ANZMEX will aim to choose a mix of these buildings in the hope that our members will be encouraged to buy their “own” building…  The work on display are a range of framed monotypes of 109 x 80cm with a sales price of $15,000 MXN each.

How can you help?

Members and friends of ANZMEX are encouraged to support this initiative in any (or all) of the following ways:

- purchase one or more pieces of art (we have a commitment to at least one piece during the period of the exhibition)

-  consider hosting an exhibition in your office (please contact to discuss the details)

- make a donation directly to Charity Coalition (visit their website directly