Discount Scheme - June edition.

We are pleased to share a new opportunity for ANZMEX members to take advantage of the discount programme managed by the British Chamber of Commerce.   This is something we’ve wanted to offer to our members, however the administration of such a programme has not been within our reach.  Based on our long standing alliance with the British Chamber we have been able to agree a model which we believe will not only bring value to our ANZMEX members (in terms of promoting their businesses and accessing discounts), but also benefit members of the British Chamber of Commerce through adding additional discount opportunities for them.
We invite members who have products or services they would like to promote to members of both chambers to contact Jael Duran for more information.
In order to take advantage of the discounts offered, members of ANZMEX need only follow the guidelines for each offer within the catalogue.  The current version can be found attach.  At our next general assembly we will be distributing member cards which can be used at relevant institutions to verify that you are a member.
We plan that we will highlight specific products and services on a monthly basis to members - with priority given based on ANZMEX membership category