Invitation to ANZMEX members: Opportunity to join the International Trade Negotiations program at Colegio de México


Mexico´s trade negotiating activity has grown exponentially in recent years. The negotiations to modernize “The North American Free Trade Agreement” have been the subject of multiple articles, conferences and presentations, making daily headlines in the media and in social networks. Mexico undertook intense negotiations to implement the Transpacific Partnership Agreement without the US. The modernization of the Mexico- Europe Trade Agreement has been the subject of intense negotiations, as well as the free trade agreements between the members of the Pacific Alliance and its four associated members. Moreover, Mexico is looking to expand and modernize the current agreements with MERCOSUR countries.

Mexico has also maintained an active role in International organizations related to trade, such as the World Trade Organization, The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, Group of 20 (G-20) and The World Intellectual Property Organization, just to name a few.

The aim is for students to gain a thorough understanding of the functioning of the international economy and the governance of world trade in goods and services and their relationship to intellectual property, digital economy, environment, investment, competition, and the relationship between trade and economic development. It also provides a detailed view of the specific commitments related to both disciplines and trade liberalization undertaken in the different multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements of which Mexico is a member. The program includes also practical aspects of international trade in the Mexican system.

For more information, please download full programme here.