New ANZMEX President, Donald Smallwood.

Dear ANZMEX members,
I would like to thank you all for the trust you have placed in me to assume the role of President of ANZMEX. It is certainly an honour and even more so to follow in the footsteps of my predecessor, Adrienne Bonwick, who was fundamental in founding ANZMEX.
Our ANZMEX membership is quite varied, a mixture of large corporations and individuals, joined by the common thread of relationships and relevance between the three countries and the desire to share in different forms and forums.
My commitment to you as members is to continue promote events, business oriented and social, which will add value to the interests of all and importantly, in an enjoyable and empathetic environment.
I would also like to welcome our new Board of Directors, with whom we can work together to make ANZMEX even more dynamic and stronger. And of course, we also welcome your suggestions and involvement; to the extent that you can participate it is to the value of us all.
Thanks for being part of ANZMEX, I look forward to working with you.
Donald Smallwood