Santova - Shipping from Mexico to Australia

Santova, the supply chain logistics company, provides important information for ANZMEX members interested in shipping from Mexico to Sydney.

The full container rate (up to 28 cubic meters) from Mexico City to Sydney Port is USD$2500 (addition pick-up costs depend on the container packing address, the additional customs costs depend on the type of cargo to be exported).

Australia’s port, destination, customs and metro-delivery costs for this 20’ shipping container would be AUD$1500 plus any duties/GST or quarantine costs (which depend on the cargo).

Transit time is 31 days - this is from when the container gets loaded onto the train in Mexico City to when the same container gets off- loaded onto the wharf at Sydney, then 3 days later in Melbourne.

For loose freight, the cost is $250 per cubic meter in addition to a flat base-fee of $250 per shipment (the ex/importer can do their own drop-off/pick-up, or they can be quoted once the final to/from location is known).

The transit-time to Melbourne and Sydney is similar, but please allow 5 business days at each end for wharf, terminal & customs handling.

Please note additional charges apply for hazardous cargo, personal effects, perishable cargo, dense or out-of-gauge cargo.

Given that these are very competitive rates and service offerings, this pricing is only available to financial members of ANZMEX Mexico and ANZMEX Australia.

As shipping rates fluctuate from season to season, and with changes in fuel prices, these costings needs to be revalidated at the beginning of each month.

For further information, please contact:

John Macaulay  - General Manager

Santova Logistics Pty Ltd