Successful Conversation with ANZMEX - IMCO

ANZMEX Business Council and the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, held a succesful event, for members only, on the 22nd of February. This event provided an opportunity to get to know IMCO, and discuss opportunities to collaborate. Some of the main topics discuss during the event are:

1. Education

ANZMEX education sector will take a look at “Mejora tu Escuela” and "Compara Carerras” for their own benefit and to explore if there are ways in which they or the institutions they represent could possibly use the data, perhaps partner with IMCO in the future, or perhaps sponsor further enhancements.  In addition, a number of our leading educational institutions in Australia/NZ are interested to collaborate in the area of public policy.



This is a relevant topic for ANZMEX Energy Debate series, particularly if it combines both the Energy and Mining Sectors.  It will be important for IMCO to attend the nex Energy Debate, for a better understanding of the style of event, profile of attendees etc, in order to discuss the possibility of having EITI as the focus for another debate later in the year with the sector leader Alexander Braune.  

3. Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción

An invitation will be done to professionals in order to review ANZMEX Code of Ethics to make sure that are compliant.  This could also  work as  a template to be shared with ANZMEX members and adapted as necessary to ensure they are all fully aware of their responsibilities.   As part of this process ANZMEX will hold briefing sessions for our members at which any input from IMCO would be welcome.


4. Ongoing Relationship

- ANZMEX will share the presentation to our members (document attached).

- When appropriate, ANZMEX will publish information on the website and through our social media to members and contacts.


If any of ANZMEX members are interested in the New Anti Corruption law, please contact Adrienne Bonwick (, for more details about it.