The Mexican Business Promotion Seminar takes place in Auckland with great success.


The Mexican Business Promotion Seminar takes place in Auckland with great success.

With the aim to promote business opportunities in Mexico for New Zealand business people, on October 6, 2016 the Embassy of Mexico in New Zealand, in coordination with the ProMéxico Trade Commission in Australia, ANZMEX Business Council and the Latin American New Zealand Business Council organized a seminar in the Northern Club in Auckland, New Zealand with a participation of close to fifty people.

The event began with the welcome remarks by the Mexican Ambassador José Gerardo Traslosheros, who underlined the competitive advantages of Mexico as well as the ample opportunities for New Zealand businesses, including projects intensive in science and technology.  The Ambassador highlighted the importance of the economic promotion of Mexico in New Zealand due to the great opportunities existing with Mexico.

In his intervention, the Trade Commissioner of ProMéxico, Esaú Garza, made a presentation in which he shared with the public the advantages that Mexico has as an investment destination.  He explained that Mexico has preferential access to most of the main economies in the world and stressed the signature of the TPP through which New Zealand and Mexico will have mutual preferential access to goods, services and investment opportunities. Likewise, the presented the sectors with greatest potential, the very favourable performance of Mexico in various international indicators and the competitive advantages of doing business with Mexico.

Tony Barclay, CFO of Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, shared the success story of his firm in Tijuana, México, which has highly valued by the participants.  This is an enterprise with more than 800 employees in Tijuana that started operations in year 2009.  Mr Barclay expressed his great satisfaction for the investment in Mexico, for the access to an expanded market, the logistical facilities, and the great quality and productivity of the Mexican labour force.  He also praised the initiative of the Mexican Government to promote Mexico as an investment destination.

Finally, the event came to a closure with the words of Matthew O´Meagher, President of LANZBC, who highlighted the role that Mexico plays in the Asia Pacific region, since it tis the main trading partner of New Zealand in Latina America and represent an essential platform in the American Continent and a true bridge with Asia Pacific.