Welcome New ANZMEX Member - LOVIS

ANZMEX is pleased to welcome its newest member: LOVIS


LOVIS Improves Business Value by transforming each organisation's potencial into results, through the development and implementation of advanced business technology, business processes optimisation, and change induction methodologies. LOVIS helps companies duplicating their productivity, enhancing well-being and increasing profitability. LOVIS is a British company with Mexican Capital, currently operating in the UK, Mexico and Spain.  LOVIS hopes to be operating in the near future in Australia and South Africa.
Through the Education Sector, ANZMEX is developing a project with LOVIS focused on bringing Australian students into their offices in Mexico, with the objective of training them for one year for them to work within the Australian offices upon their return.
For more information please visit LOVIS' website: lovis.company
LOVIS will join ANZMEX as a Gold member and will be represented by Rafael Funes (rafael.funes@lovis.email), Executive Chairman; and Belen Falcon (belen.falcon@lovis.email), Marketing & Communications Leader.