Welcome to the June 2017 edition of Export Update from AUSTRADE

Perumin - Extemin 2017

 Peru is poised for further growth with the upturn in commodity prices making formerly marginal projects, across its diversified mineral base, viable. Forty-five major projects worth over US$46 billion are forecast for 2017-21 and of the 14% of land subject to concession less than 2% is potentially available for exploration. While local capability, together with the presence of international firms, have increased, the market is relatively under-serviced. Clear opportunities to win business are available to those offering solutions to water, environmental, community relations, skills and safety challenges, along with those able to deliver mine performance improvements.

PERUMIN has been central to the successful market entry and expansion strategies of many Australian METS firms, attracting more than 100,000 visitors and delegations from 13 countries in 2015, including senior executives, mine superintendents, procurement managers and technical staff from leading firms.  Peruvian mining companies are well disposed to Australian solutions and readily accessible at our well-positioned and highly recognisable Australian Pavilion and related business development activities.

Please review the Exhibitors Regulations from the Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), organisers of Perumin-Extemin 2017.

Who should participate:

Australian METS providing efficient solutions to enhance productivity:

  • Consulting/engineering services 
  • Safety technology
  • Environment and water management
  • Mining consumables and other equipment 
  • Technology and R&D
  • Technical skills training
  • Underground mining.
Austrade package:

For detailed information about this event and the participation package, please refer to the event brochure (pdf).

For a limited number of new-to-market participants, Austrade is able to offer a significantly reduced-price visitor’s package, still including the benefits associated with the Australian Pavilion lounge, reception, briefings and facilitated networking but with access only to the tradeshow component of PeruMin. To express interest, contact Valeria Beck.

How to apply:

Apply to participate in this event using the register button below.

Acceptance of your application is not confirmed until you have received formal notification from Austrade. Austrade is not bound to accept any application and shall only do so at its sole discretion so as to best facilitate export and foreign direct investment.

Application deadline:

30 June 2017

Travel details:

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Australian citizens can register online at www.orao.dfat.gov.au.

Please note:

Austrade will only work with clients that maintain appropriate business ethics, and demonstrate a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws, both in Australia and overseas markets. For further information, please visit www.austrade.gov.au/legal-issues.

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