1) Partipate in the raffle organised by several ANZMEX members to gather funds for WILDLIFE VICTORIA.

This is an initiative led by Bridget Rutherford, CEO of the Australian-Mexican company Wax Revolution.

Alongside other ANZMEX members we are organising a raffle to support the wildlife that has been injured in the devastating fires in Australia recently. The raffle will take place at THE ANZMEX WELCOME NEW YEAR BAEBECUE© 2020 next 26 January. Click HERE to register for the event

The money raised will go to Wild Life Victoria. If you want to know more about this organisation go to 

The cost for each ticket is just $200 pesos . The following is the list of prizes you can win if you participate 

  1. One certificate for 12 months worth of waxing services donated by Wax Revolution
  2. One certificate for 12 months worth of threading services donated by Wax Revolution
  3. One skincare set donated by Maëlys Skincare
  4. Two certificates for mani/pedi donated by Hand Lab
  5. Two gourmet food canisters donated by Delirio
  6. Two dinners for two people at Casa Virginia donated by Mónica Patiño
  7. Two bottles of Penfolds, Australian wine donated by ANZMEX
  8. One set of jewelry from donated by Destino Australia
  9. One ticket for a slime workshop for 4 children (valid age 4 years +) donated by Art Club CDMX
  10. One Mexico City Pamper Pack donated by Jenna Mayhew Psychology
  11. Three phone saver kits donated by Movil Tech
  12. One bottle of Tequila Reposado donated by Tequila Tromba
  13. One Mezcal kit donated by la Mezcacleta
  14. One sports kit donated by Amplifica Capital
  15. A professional cocktail class for 6 people at home donated by Bar Tailors
  16. One Ipad Air donated by Natalia and Finn Vejar Brown
  17. Two Bolivian alpaca scarfs donated by Kalinka Daroca from Aymara Alpaca
  18. One rebozo donated by Rhonda & Robert Jones
  19. One hour photo organising session donated by Patricia Pulido from Patricia Pulido Photography and Films

You will be able to purchase tickets the day of the event. However, if you are unable to attend or would like to purchase tickets in advance please send an email to  with your proof of payment and fiscal details.

Tranfer or deposit money to the following account:
Account name: ANZMEX ORG, A.C.
Bank: HSBC Mexico
Account number: 4050167220
Clabe: 021180040501672207

PayPal payments – You will be able to pay vía PayPal, but please be aware there will be a 7% increase in the prize ($215 pesos)

ANZMEX – How to help victims of Australia’s bush fires?


2) What to do if you wish to directly donate or assit other efforts dealing with the current bush fires burning in Australia in?

On behalf of the Australian Embassy in Mexico.

The Australian Embassy in Mexico appreciates your concerns and support regarding the bushfires affecting some regions of the country. These fires are unprecedented and while Australia is prepared, well organised and well resourced, the rapidly escalating damage and the heart-breaking human cost calls for nothing less than an all-out response.

The Australian Government will continue to deliver further assistance to the states, as they battle these devastating fires, to help protect lives, ensure fire affected communities are well-resourced and functioning, and evacuations can be affected quickly and effectively.
A number of people have contacted the Embassy to ask how they can help. While the Australian Embassy in Mexico is not requesting assistance of any kind, people wanting to help can provide financial donations directly to emergency service agencies or to various charities such as:

 We thank everyone for your kind words and offers of support

Embassy of Australia in Mexico