ANZMEX is the Australia, New Zealand & Mexico Business Council

It is a trilateral business platform to provide a forum and support services to explore and promote collaboration between Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. The framework it offers promotes relevant contacts and information exchange, develops sector interest groups for individuals and organisations, and provides practical support services for all members. Our legal name is ANZMEX ORG A.C. and we are registered as an “Asociacion Civil” in Mexico City.

The ANZMEX logo entwines the three member countries in the single language of business. The Australian aboriginal dot motif, the Mexican eagle and the New Zealand Koru embody a unique aspect of each country while drawing attention to the similarities in their common cultural diversity. The blue colour reminds us of the ocean which surrounds and connects us.

Our main differentiator from other English-speaking, European and Latin-American chambers is we provide – due to our size and structure – a personalised service to all our members. We also enable our affiliates -via events and activities – to have a first-rate interaction with the Ambassadors and other diplomats and officials from both Australia and New Zealand.

Finally, another distinctive characteristic of our business council is that all ANZMEX events are conducted under the Chatham House Rule. This with the aim of encouraging openness of discussion and facilitating the sharing of information. This rule is used throughout the world as an aid to free discussion of sensitive issues. It provides a way for speakers to openly discuss their views in private while allowing the topic and nature of the debate to be made public and contribute to a broader conversation. Because of this reason, recording our events (audio and video) is not permitted. To find out more about the origin and the purpose of the Chatham House RuleCLICK HERE