The Board of Directors is elected by the membership at our annual assembly. ANZMEX’s bylaws defines our Board of Directors as the following positions and grants them relevant authority and responsibility for the administration of ANZMEX ORG, A.C. (our legal name).

Board of directors for 2019 – 2020

Donald Smallwood

Vice President
Kate Brown de Vejar
Managing Director
Sergio Almazán


Michael Brennan


Board member &
Senior energy advisor

Timothy Callahan


Board member &
Head of mining group

Héctor Miranda

Board member &
Head of manufacture group

Raúl Sánchez


Board member &
Senior sustainability advisor 

Jaime Martínez


Board member &
Head of the energy group

Rubén Cruz

Board member &
Senior energy advisor

Alexander Braune





Emeritus board members

Founding member &
former president
Adrienne Bonwick