Who wins and why?

The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© is a unique type of event in Mexico. It is designed to get to the heart of Mexico’s energy issues, where leading experts defend and debate their position, your questions get answered directly, topics get addressed frankly, and you get a chance to vote on what you think is the best solution for key energy challenges.

Each debate contains four experts, two favouring one position versus two favouring another, and a moderator.  Each of the four debaters makes an opening statement of no more than 5 minutes each. The debate then continues with questions from the audience and answers from the four debaters. No question can be longer than 20 seconds, no answer can be longer than 60 seconds. The debate will last 1 hour after which the moderator will organize a vote by show of hands. As in all of ANZMEX events the Chatham House Rule is enforced during the debates.

Refreshments available before, during and after the debate! 

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