ANZMEX is a compact but rather potent chamber of commerce in sectors such as energy, mining, manufacture, education and infrastructure. We have assigned heads of groups and champions to each of the before mentioned sectors and in some of them, there are also senior advisors whose main endeavour is to maintain ANZMEX updated and relevant in each of the areas where we are active. If you are a member and would like to actively participate in one of our groups send us an email to: [email protected] 

Priority sectors & champions 

Sector          Heads of sectors and senior advisors
  • Rubén Cruz, Head of ANZMEX energy group/ KPMG’s Head of Energy & Natural Resources in Mexico
  • Timothy Callahan, Senior energy advisor/ President of BHP Mexico
  • Kate Brown de Vejar, Senior legal advisor/ Senior Partner at DLA Piper 
  • Alexander Braune, Senior energy advisor/ Director Energy Solutions Acclaim Energy México
  • Jaime Martínez, Energy advisor/ Senior Partner at ERM México
  • Michael Brennan, Energy advisor/ ANZMEX Treasurer
  • Lucía López Esquivalzeta, Energy advisor/ Associate Director at Control Risks Mexico
  • Héctor Miranda, Head of ANZMEX mining group/ Country manager of Orica México
  • Peter Hughes, Senior mining advisor/ Country manager of Newmont
  • Timothy Callahan, Senior mining advisor/ President of BHP Mexico
  • Tony Rovira, Mining advisor/ CEO of Azure Minerals
  • Karen Flores, Mining advisor/ Managing Director at CAMIMEX
  • Chris Bijsterveld, Mining advisor/ VP Americas at Ground Probe
  • Alfonso Fernández, Mining advisor/ Mexico Sales Manager at Ground Probe
  • Malena Ortiz, Head of ANZMEX manufacture group/ General Director of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare México
  • Ernesto Galindo, Head of ANZMEX education group/ CEO of Destino Australia y Nueva Zelandia
  • Paulina Valdés, Senior education advisor/ Institutional relations manager of Destino Australia y Nueva Zelandia

Finance &

  • Edmundo Gamas – Head of ANZMEX Finance & Infrastructure group
Risk Management
  • Lucía López E., Head of ANZMEX Risk Management Group/ Associate Director at Control Risks Mexico
Food & Drink
  • Vacant