Thursday 10 October 2019  • Club de Industriales • 18:00 – 20:30

Can Mexico achieve zero emissions? Who wins and why?


Chris Sladen

Miriam Grunstein
Senior partner,  Brilliant Energy

Lee Solsbery
Technical director, ERM

Elizabeth Mosqueda
Manager , Carbon Trust

Sponsored by: ERM & Golfo Energy

Demands for action on climate change are increasing rapidly. A series of heatwaves, droughts, floods, vast forest fires and hurricanes has highlighted the issues around the globe. Action groups have blocked cities and brought transport systems to a standstill to protest more urgent action by governments and businesses. 

The move to zero emissions is gathering pace. Entire industries and countries are altering their policies and approach.  New Zealand has ceased all new exploration for oil and gas. In Australia, giant battery systems have been built to solve energy storage issues. In some countries, the entire offshore energy industry is targeting zero emissions. How can countries like China and India especially be forced to seek zero emissions when fuels like cheap coal are being used to help improve their economic well being?

The energy industry globally is now in transition to lower carbon and sustainable renewable energy sources. What will be the approach in Mexico? Will the oil and gas sector respond or simply focus on increased production? Can Mexico accelerate its renewables energy resources? Can Mexico achieve zero emissions? And with these changes, who wins and why?

Event moderated by:Óscar Silva
Partner, Global Strategy Group


Event hosted by:

Alexander Braune
Director of Energy Solutions, Acclaim Energy Mexico
ANZMEX Senior Energy Advisor


The Chatham House Rule was inforced and the event was conducted in English.

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Venue: Club de Industriales. Polanco. AUDITORIUM 
Thursday 10 October  2019

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