ANZMEX turns 10 years old today!
September 24th, 2020

To all our membership,

Ten years ago, a group of dynamic Australian, New Zealand, and Mexican businessmen and women led by Adrienne Bonwick, materialised the idea of formally establishing a Business Council to facilitate contacts and support commercial opportunities between our three nations. I am proud to have been part of the founding members.

We started with a few but now we are many, and not only in numbers but also in talent, expertise, and presence. This is not just a Commercial Chamber anniversary; it is a commemoration of a business family that has grown stronger every year.

2020 has been challenging in many ways, to say the least. This crisis has allowed us to put the resilience of our business council to the test. Despite the current circumstances, we are better than ever in many aspects and I am certain we will come out of the COVID-19 era stronger. Also, I am convinced that once the current situation allows us to do so, we will rapidly seek an opportunity to organise a formal celebration where we wish to see all of you gathered again to commemorate this important landmark in our history.

The success of ANZMEX is the result of a team effort from the companies and individuals that shape our membership. You are the reason we work for every day and the reason we have been able to progress so much in only 10 years.

We want to acknowledge the support we’ve have received throughout these ten years from the Ambassadors of Australia and New Zealand (and their teams), as well as both trade offices: AUSTRADE and NZTE. Our efforts are always maximised by your involvement. Also, I would like to especially thank the disposition of various entities of the Mexican government to contribute to our common objectives.

On this special moment, we want you to know that your involvement, trust, and support have always been the biggest drivers for our continued growth. You have always been an integral part of our journey. Without you, ANZMEX would not be the relevant group that it is today and despite the troubling times we invite you to continue with us. Your satisfaction is what motivates us to thrive every day.

Wishing our membership many more years of success, please join me in saying happy 10th anniversary to ANZMEX!



Donald Smallwood
President, ANZMEX