The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series ©

Energy Infrastructure in Mexico – Who Wins and Why?

ANZMEX Business Council is pleased to invite all members to the next Energy Debate in The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series ©.

Chris Sladen

Ruben Cruz
Carlos Isorna
David Jimenez
Chadbourne and Parkes
Greg Pitt
Worley Parsons

Energy infrastructure is more than pipelines and wires, storage terminals and ports. Energy infrastructure is also about energy security, the ability to have access to reliable low cost energy supplies, creating a choice of energy products at competitive prices upon which to build the economy and creating jobs. Infrastructure can have a significant multiplier effect on the economy and economic growth, while investment to remove bottlenecks in infrastructure is critical to efficient development. Today’s debate comes at an exciting moment in the history of energy in Mexico. Following the sweeping energy reform and new legislation, Mexico has embarked on bids for major contracts in both the upstream exploration & production sector, midstream pipelines, and downstream, particularly in power generation and transmission. Markets are opening; new sources of finance are being sought. The legal framework is changing. So who wins & why? Which companies will be successful? Which industries benefit from new infrastructure? Who will maintain the existing infrastructure? Are JVs a good solution. Who are the winners in the short term? And the long term?

The ANZMEX Energy Debate Series © is a different type of event in Mexico. It is designed to get to the heart of Mexico’s energy issues, where leading experts debate and defend their position, your questions get answered directly, topics get addressed frankly, and you get a chance to vote on what you think is the best solution for key energy challenges.
What is the debate format? Each debate contains recognised experts, some covering one position, some covering another, and a moderator. Each of the debaters makes an opening statement of no more than 5 minutes each. The debate then continues with questions from the audience and answers from the debaters. No question is longer than 20 seconds, no answer should be longer than 60 seconds. Chatham House rules apply. The debate will last 1 hour after which the moderator will organize a series of votes by a show of hands. Refreshments available before, during & after the debate!

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