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21 September 2020
By Chris Sladen

Energy matters – Who wants to be a millionaire?

In 1956, the year I was born, Cole Porter wrote the song ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. Made famous by Frank Sinatra and Celeste Holm, the singers decide they prefer not to be wealthy and instead prefer just to have each other – meaningful relationships are worth more than money. Decades later the song title helped inspire the creation of a hugely popular TV game show. To win the show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, you need to correctly answer 15 multiple choice questions in a row.

What would happen if all the questions on the TV show were energy related? Here are 15 questions I put together with multiple choice answers. Test yourself and see if you could become a millionaire! Answer all the questions first and then you can check the correct answers at the end of this article. It cannot be so difficult, and to improve your chances further, I reduced the answers for each question from 4 choices to just 3. Good luck!

For 100 dollars. Which country produced more coal in 2019?
a) Australia
b) India
c) USA

For 200 dollars. SOCAR is the name of ?
a) Ford’s latest sports off-road electric vehicle being launched in December
b) a national oil company in Azerbaijan
c) the solar powered car under development in Australia

For 300 dollars. In 1911, the world’s first commercial geothermal power plant was built in?
a) Aguascalientes, Mexico
b) Larderello, Italy
c) Wairakei, New Zealand

For 500 dollars. On what day in 2020 did oil prices go into negative territory, in some cases reaching minus 40 US$ per barrel?
a) 20 March

b) 20 April
c) 20 May

For 1,000 dollars. Guyana is currently experiencing an oil boom. When did Exxon make their first major discovery?
a) 2002
b) 2015
c) 2013

For 2,000 dollars. Perflouoropolyether lubricants are used in?
a) robotic manufacture of car parts
b) aerospace
c) subsea oil production systems

For 4,000 dollars. Which country produced the most wind power in 2019?
a) Germany
b) USA
c) New Zealand

For 8,000 dollars. Who is regarded as the father of electricity?
a) Michael Faraday
b) Benjamin Franklin
c)Nikola Tesla

For 16,000 dollars. China is the leading consumer of cobalt with demand from its rechargeable battery industry. Which country produces over 60% of the world’s cobalt?
a) Australia
b) Democratic Republic of Congo
c) Chile

For 32,000 dollars. Which country produced the most carbon dioxide emissions in 2019?
a) USA
b) China
c) Russia

For 64,000 dollars. OPEC had its 60th anniversary on 14 September 2020; who were the founding members of OPEC?
a) Saudi Arabia, Libya, Venezuela, Indonesia, and United Arab Emirates
b) Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela
c) Iran, Kuwait, Venezuela, Libya, and Angola

For 125,000 dollars.
Which country produced more solar power in 2019?

a) Spain
b) UK
c) Mexico

For 250,000 dollars. What would you use a AUV for?
a) airborne ultra-gravimetric variance measurements
b) making maps of the seafloor
c) processing vanadium for use in lubricants

For 500,000 dollars. In 2019, which country was the leader in lithium production?
a) Chile
b) Australia
c) China

For 1,000,000 dollars. One million tonnes of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is the approximate equivalent of?
a) 28 million cubic feet natural gas
b) 48 billion cubic feet natural gas
c) 38 million cubic feet natural gas

How did you get on? If you answered a) or c) to any of the questions, unfortunately you would not have become a millionaire. If you answered b) to every question you got 100% correct. Sadly, there are no prizes. But congratulations and something you can tell your friends…


About the author:

Chris Sladen runs an advisory service offering insights to inform, shape a decision, policy & regulation, and guide the next steps for energy ventures, acquisitions & divestments, energy transition and climate strategies. Chris has a unique global experience having worked in over 40 countries. This is underpinned by extensive knowledge of petroleum systems and where best to find oil and gas, notably in the Gulf of Mexico & nearby areas, Europe and NE & SE Asia, as well as the development of midstream, downstream & renewables investments in many emerging economies. Chris has extensive experience acquired on the Boards of companies, subsidiaries, business chambers & organisations. Chris has a career of over 40 years in the energy sector, living in Mexico (2001-2018), Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, China & UK. His contributions to the energy and education sectors have been recognised by the UK Government with both an MBE and CBE, and also the Aztec Eagle from the Mexican Government – the first foreigner in the energy sector to achieve this award. Chris has published extensively over five decades. Chris’ articles for Energy Matters reflect his experience and enthusiasm and are not paid for in any way.

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