This is an important message for all Australian and New Zealand citizens currently in Mexico from Ambassador Remo Moretta and Chargé Andrew Townend

As you are aware, the Australian and New Zealand governments have upgraded their respective travel advice to Do Not Travel.  We are also encouraging our nationals to return to home as soon as possible by commercial means.  While this advice is primarily targeted towards travellers, many Australians and New Zealanders who are living and working across the world have also decided to return home.

If you are still considering returning to Australia or New Zealand, there are some commercial options through US and Canadian hubs. Direct flights from Canada to Australia will end on 4 April, with indirect flights through Doha continuing until mid-April.  Direct flights from the US to Australia (San Francisco-Sydney) are scheduled to continue until at least the end of April, with indirect flights through Doha to other destinations in Australia continuing until mid-April.

Direct flights from Los Angeles to Auckland will continue for the foreseeable future.  Both Australia and New Zealand have an exemption process available for non-citizens who are immediate family members of an Australian or New Zealander to be able to travel. Please remember you will need to undertake mandatory 14 days quarantine in government provided accommodation at your first port of arrival in both New Zealand and Australia. For further information on the Australian and New Zealand requirements, please see and

Please follow and/or for regular update as well as our Embassy’s respective Facebook pages and Twitter accounts – @AusEmbMex and @nzinmexico 

Thank you