Wednesday, 25 October 2023  • As part of the Conferences Program of the XXXV International Mining Convention – Acapulco 2023 • 11:00 am
The Event will be conducted in English

The Mining Sector enroute to Energy Transition:
Prioritising the communities’ prosperity and the environment to secure long-term sustainability


Sara Meymand
Ambassador of New Zealand in Mexico

Rachel Moseley
Ambassador of Australia in Mexico

Jessica Kozian
Director of Safety, Health, Environment and Security for North America

Alicia Moreno
Director of Strategy for Sustainability and Environmental & Social Governance


There aren’t any doubts. Mining will continue to be an essential sector for the world’s economy. Its participation in the energy transition is paramount. Without it, we cannot talk accurately about the economic future of Mexico and the rest of the world.

However, the reputational and communication challenges facing this sector have not disappeared. And it is that, despite the efforts of many companies, the implementation is still not conclusive to guarantee the sustainability of mining in the long term. Talking ESG is not enough. It is time for companies and governments to put into practice their sustainability policies and respect for the communities, they constantly mention in different fora. The future is now.

New Zealand and Australia are two countries that can add value to the conversation about mining as a long-term sustainable business. These countries generate projects that bring wealth to their countries and their shareholders. However, they favour projects that place their communities and the environment ahead of short-term profits. The mining of the future will be an activity that focuses on the well-being of the people and the conservation of the planet, or it will not be at all.

Join us in the fifth edition of the ANZMEX High-Level Mining Dialogues. This time, it is part of the programme of the XXXV International Mining Convention – Acapulco 2023. Let’s discuss the evolution of the sector, its challenges, and the opportunities of global collaboration to achieve long-term sustainable mining.

The event will be conducted in English

Moderated by:
Jennifer Burge

CEO of WorldWise Consulting, and member of ANZMEX Board of Directors


Event information 

Fecha: Wednesday, 25 de octubre de 2023 
Hora: 11:00 am
Lugar: Mundo Imperial Acapulco complex – Sala C6.

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