Deadline to answer the QUIZ – 15:00 hrs on Monday, 2 November 2020 
• Winners are listed below

A photo finish! Two of the participants tied with 5 points each, but the winner completed the test in less time.

1st Place:
Name: Ms. Cynthia Granados
Company: Somos 21 
Score: 5 points in 1:33 minutes
PRIZE: A bottle of Penfolds® Max’s Shiraz Cabernet, and a bottle of Bin 389

2nd Place:
Name: Mr. Carlos Carrión
Company: Aristocrat
Score: 5 points in 4:26 minutes
PRIZE: A bottle of Penfolds® Koonunga Hill Chardonnay

*The rest of the participants scored four or fewer points.

Winners of the 2020 Melbourne CUP: Jye McNeil and Twilight Payment

Don’t let the most exciting race of the year passes unnoticed!

The Melbourne Cup is a long-time tradition in the sporting calendar of both Australia and New Zealand and, it brings together fascinating people from all over the world.

Every year, ANZMEX partakes of this tradition by organising its VIP Racing Dinner©. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be unable to complete the event this year. However, and thanks to the sponsorship of Penfolds® (represented in Mexico by our Corporate Member Interamericana), this iconic race will not pass unnoticed in 2020.

If you were a member or a contact of ANZMEX, you were able participate and answer a fun QUIZ that included forecasting the winner of the 2020 Melbourne Cup to win a Penfolds® wine kit

Rules and instructions (The contest is now closed)

1. The participant who answered more questions correctly in the least amount of time won a Penfolds® wine kit that included:  A bottle of Max’s Shiraz Cabernet, and a bottle of Bin 389, two of the best Australian wines you can buy in Mexico.

2. The deadline to answer the quiz was 15:00 hours (Mexico City Time) on Monday, 2 November of 2020.

3. We announced the winners on Tuesday, 3 November 2020, one day after the Melbourne Cup. 

We invited all our members and contacts to participate. After all, the purpose of the Melbourne Cup is to have fun, relax, and feel the Aussie/Kiwi sporting spirit! 

To learn more about the Melbourne Cup’s 2020 horses,  click HERE

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