The Australia, New Zealand & Mexico Business Council is pleased to present a series from one of our most appreciated members and a recognised expert of the Mexican Energy Sector: Chris Sladen. He is the mind behind the creation of our ANZMEX Energy Debate Series© and will be providing periodic insights via a this column. We hope this will keep us well informed and help us understand more about one of the most important commercial sectors for Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Chris runs an advisory service offering insights to inform, shape a decision, and guide the next steps for energy ventures. Chris has a unique global experience having worked in the energy sector of over 40 countries. This is underpinned by extensive knowledge of petroleum systems and where best to find oil and gas, notably in the Gulf of Mexico & nearby areas, and NE & SE Asia, as well as the development of midstream, downstream & renewables investments in many emerging economies. Chris has extensive experience acquired on the Boards of companies, subsidiaries, business chambers & organisations. Chris has a career of over 40 years in the energy sector living in Mexico (2001-2018), Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, China & UK.